The Crawford's Fire - 1940's

Hi Gary, I came across a picture that my dad (Ernst H. Andreas) took when the original Crawford's burnt down. You can see the Tumbleweed Theatre on the south side of Garvey Ave. The new Crawford's was built across the street within 2 years. I grew-up enjoying the carnival rides on the
Valley side too!
-Kathy Andreas

---Do you remember the night Crawford's burned ??? We lived in Wilmar (near Mark Kepple) at the time, my sister Jane (she went to Kepple) Leland Cleminson, Donna Coleman and I were outside visiting, ( Donna's mother was Ina Crawford Coleman, they lived up the street) We saw a strange red glow in the sky toward El Monte, we jumped into Lelands car and drove toward it, lo and behold it was Crawfords. As I remember, Leland helped with hoses etc. the rest of us just stood and stared. Quite a sight and a real disaster.
Joy Kaufman Allen '49